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The Top-level Domain For

Creators of Engaging Content


The .ViewNow domain is a call to action for all content creators across the internet.

Blockchain Based

Your domain will exist on the Handshake blockchain, a decentralized system with none of the restrictions imposed by the traditional ICANN domain system.

Claim Your Brand

Get first mover advantage on the blockchain web by claiming your dream domain on .ViewNow and simply redirecting it to your existing ICANN website.

For Engagement

Calls to action are a marketing staple for user engagement. Engage your viewers with a ViewNow domain that's flexible enough to promote written, image and video content.

Access Handshake Domains in 2 Minutes

Handshake domains can be viewed effortlessly using, a free private dns provider for viewing handshake websites. Simply visit and follow the instructions on the page to start accessing handshake domains.


You can also access handshake domains through the Private Internet Access VPN.

How to Instantly View Any Handshake Domain

View any handshake blockchain domain instantly by simply adding to the end. Example: mydomain.viewnow becomes This allows you to show off your blockchain domain to anyone not currently using, or the Private Internet Access VPN.

Use Cases for .ViewNow

Here are some suggested use cases to help you get the most out of your .ViewNow domain name.


blog.viewnow, businessjournal.viewnow, news.viewnow

Blogs, business journals, news websites. Viewnow is the call to action that brings visitors looking to engage with your content.

Product Showcases

cars.viewnow, demo.viewnow

Not all products are made equal. You know you have an amazing product and you need a url that speaks to users and gets them engaged with your product showcase.

Property Developments

apartments.viewnow, homes.viewnow

Create pages to show case your latest property development projects or direct prospects to your real estate portfolio.


weddingphotographer.viewnow, artexpo.viewnow,

Calling all artists, photographers and visionaries. Build your perfect portfolio website with a blockchain domain that flatters your artistic works.

Streaming Professionals

gamestream.viewnow, youtubechannel.viewnow, viralvideo.viewnow, webseries.viewnow

Drive viewers to your video content with a blockchain domain that advertises your video content alone and not the entire video hosting platform. Say goodbye to sharing the full url of your platform thanks to .ViewNow by setting your domain to resolve to your channel url or social media page.

Streaming Platforms

streamingplatform.viewnow/anime, streamingplatform.viewnow/movies

Give your streaming service the benefit of a .viewnow domain name that prompts visitors to become viewers of streaming service using a call to action.

Movie & TV Trailers

movietrailer.viewnow, tvtrailer.viewnow

Building a site for a movie or tv trailer? Promote your production more easily with a synergetic .ViewNow domain name that drives viewers from press articles to your promotional website.

Live Entertainment

concert.viewnow, performance.viewnow, sports.viewnow

For events management companies, entertainers and sports industry professionals. Get the right domain to promote your live event.

Important Notes

Two important points to note when using handshake domains.

Don't Collect Sensitive Information

SSL is currently not supported by handshake so be mindful of what data you collect via the site if any. Directing users to 3rd party systems to make contact or to process data is recommended. Examples: Click to email, Discord, Telegram, Send a Facebook Message.

Email Isn't Supported Yet

Handshake currently does not support email records. Alternative solutions to email are recommended as a workaround. eg. Click to email gmail, Discord, Telegram, Send a Facebook Message. Don't let yourself be limited to just these examples of email alternatives.

Branding Recommendations

Suggested Colors

A small palette is recommended to keep your viewer emersed in content that's easy to read thanks to a methodical use of a limited color space that puts content first while still adding a sense of quality to your content.




Suggested Fonts



To be used with headlines.


Playfair Display

To be used with paragraphs.


Pure text logos using Raleway bold are recommended. Both the V and the N should be capitalized.

Light Background


Dark Background


Official Vendors List

A list of domain registrars with permissions to sell .ViewNow domain names.


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